Steinberger XQ2-5 Bass Guitar

I finally got a genuine Made In USA Steinberger 5-string bass with graphite neck! This is a sunburst XQ made in 1992 originally a 4 string bass with a Drop-D tuner bridge.

I really needed 5 strings and then later on, I found a 5-string Steinberger XM2-5A with a narrow 5 bridge so I swapped out the bridge and the neck and made this sunburst XQ into a 5 string with neck # N12382.

Big question - why swap the parts at all, why not just use the XM2-5A? Well, the XQ body is much better balanced than the XM, and I like the sunburst.

The bridge is a Schaller bridge, milled from steel.

I also modded the electronics a little bit - I made an 18V rig and put in two 9V batteries. This bass sounds great and is now my main rock band gigging bass.

2007-08-23 - I met with Ned Steinberger and he very kindly signed this guitar for me.