Home-built Steinberger XM Bass - Sold on eBay Nov 2001

I got this nice red Steinberger XM bass body from a student for nothing, so I thought I would build a bass guitar from that. After a lot of fiddling around with wood necks that somehow never work quite right, I ended up buying a Steinberger graphite neck which fits like plug-and-play.

I did not get active pickups, but chose the passive EMG-SEHB Select instead. Whilst they may be cheapo compared with the active EMG, they are really not too bad.

Instead of the usual knobs, I used Les Paul style speed knobs on top of Stewmac position indicators. That is cool because I can fine-tune the knobs and remember where the sweet spots are. I wired in two volume pots, one for each pickup, and one master tone pot.

I put in a new set of La Bella strings, and it plays very nicely. Does not sound as strong as the active pickups but not wimpy at all.

In November 2001, I sold this on eBay for -Auction for America- September-11 Childrens Fund.

Home-built Steinberger XM Bass