Steinberger XL2-5 unlined fretless bass

Sold 2000-September
After I got the Hohner B2AFL described below in the SOLD section, I was so impressed I searched for and bought a genuine Steinberger XL2-5, all graphite boat oar shaped body, 5-strings unlined fretless bass to go deeper into fretless playing. This one has two EMG-SS humbucking pickups, 2 volume controls and a tone control, needs a battery to work. Year of make unknown, serial no. 398X - the last digit got taken out. So I opened it up to see if the luthier left marks inside, well he did not. The body was printed with the number 617-19, not very enlightening. I'll think that this bass is early 80's, definitely pre-Gibson. The nut width is 1 & 7/16", just like the 4-strings nut width. fingerboard at the widest is 2 & 1/8". This bass has a very pronounced fretless sound - "dauoung" with normal playing, no finger sliding required.
After I bought my NS Stick, this XL went into the closet.  That doesn't make much sense so I sold it.

SteinbergerXL2-5 Unlined Fretless 5-strings Bass

XL2-5& B2AFL