For my bass rig, I use a Line 6 XDS95 wireless that runs into a Zoom B21U bass multi-effects pedal.

For my guitar rig,  I use a Vox Tonelab ST effects pedal for my guitar pickups and a Roland GR-20 for my synth pickup.

Depending on the equipment at the venue, I would sometimes go stereo out on 1/4 jacks, or mono into a Behringer DI20.

Prior to the Vox Tonelab setup, I used a SKB PS-100 Pedal Board.

My 13-pin synth cable goes into the Roland GR-20 from which two cables go into channel 3 of the Art mixer.

My guitar cord goes into the Danelectro E/Q, then into the Korg AK1G from which a stereo signal is sent into channel 2 of the Art mixer.

The mixed guitar/synth signals go from the mixer to the BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer and then into the Carvin DCM150 stereo power amp. Sometimes, I'll use two guitar amps instead of the DCM150. Either way, I always try to project a stereo sound as it sounds so much better at gigs.

Pedal Board