Steinberger Spirit GT Pro - sold on eBay 1999-Sep

Maple neck through body design, graphite fretboard, 2 EMG-SEHG's, 1 EMG-SES, R-trem, Korean made 1994, no. 30608. I used to keep this next to my desk at the office, plugged into a FenderFrontman 15R. Whenever I had free time, I picked it up and played. TheSelect pickups sound quite okay but not spectacular, you get what you pay for (they're "Select Designed by EMG" - that means they are not actually made by EMG. StewMac sells them at $24 each). Anyway, they just don't cut it! Play softly, okay. Attack strongly, they don't match up! It happened that I got some Gibson pick-ups, a P90 and a P100, so I took out the SEHG's and put the Gibsons in, retaining the EMG-SES in the middle. Now it's talking! However, you won't notice the difference if you play softly, you'll only notice when you attack the strings. The price for that is NOISE in the P90 position. The P90 is a single coil pickup, so that 60 cycle hum is pretty annoying when you've got used to the real quiet EMG's. The P100 is hum canceling, so that's alright. I sold this one on eBay 1999-Sep to make room for my GL2S.

SteinbergerSpirit GT Pro - sold on eBay 1999-Sep