Steinberger GM7TA

Purchased November1998, Steinberger GM7TA,natural maple flame top on alder body, graphite neck, 2 EMG-89's, 1 EMG-SA,active E/Q, Trans-trem, Gibson USA made, neck dated 1997-Sep, no. TN16377. Sounds real sweet! Great variety of sounds from the active E/Q and 5-positions pickup selector, good for jazz, blues, rock, even has a great acoustic sound for strumming or finger picking. I have also put in rhinestones effects, it sparkles like bolts of lightning on stage!

Christmas 1999 - I got another GM7TA! Mint honeyburst maple quilt top, made 97-May, no. TN16274. Sold 2000-May. See the Stuff Sold section for details.

April 2005 - got one more GM7TA! Amber maple quilt top, no. TN16376. What a coincidence, a brother of TN16377.

2008-07-23 - I met with Ned Steinberger and he very kindly signed this guitar for me.

Steinberger GM7TA, natural maple flame top

Natural Maple Top 1

Natural Maple Top 2