Steinberger GM4T-GR Cherry Red

Bought this one in October 2004: Steinberger GM4T (MusicYo 2003 version), cherry red maple flame top on alder body, Trans-trem, Moses graphite neck # N000368 with truss rod, original pickups have been replaced by Dimarzio Virtual Vintage single coils and Bartolini humbucker, volume knob is also push/pull coil split for the bridge pickup, tone knob is also push/pull to add bridge pickup to other pickups, and Roland GK-KIT-GT pickup is installed internally.

I run the GK pickup through a 13-pin cable into synth floor boards like the Roland GR-20, GR-33 and VG-88, wonderful range of sounds available!

gm4tgr.jpgSteinberger GM4T-GR