Klein look-alike

The body shape of the Klein guitar (www.kleinelectricguitars.com) is designed so that when played in a seated position, the neck will be at an angle of between 30 to 45 degrees with ground level.  This permits the left hand to grab all frets very easily and comfortably, resulting in better playing at once.  The right elbow rests comfortably on the rather extended top half of the body, and whether you use a pick or fingers, the angle of attack on the strings is just right. Superb design!

As an experiment, I took the neck, electronics and bridge out of a Steinberger Spirit GU and put them into a home built Klein look-alike body made of basswood. It sounds like a Spirit, not one bit like a Klein at all. Total three such bodies were made:

- Maple flame top, amber shellac finish.

- Hawaiian Koa top, amber shellac finish.

- Hawaiian Koa top, tung oil finish.

Tung oil is the best, as it highlights the wood grain contrast, and does not add color.