KLEIN DT-96 - Sold on eBay 2005-Aug-12 to its original owner

2005-Aug-12 : as I have been gigging out a lot with my GM4T-GR synth guitar, the Klein has been in the closet for quite a while which sounds like a waste so I put it on eBay to let my fellow muscians make better use of it. When the auction was over, it turned out that the winner was the exact same person from whom I bought the Klein in 2000! Seems that he did miss the Klein after all and so wanted it back. Cool!

2000-Jun-9 : I puchased this Klein DT-96 guitar (used).  The specs:

Had this been brand new from Klein, I think it would have cost somewhere around $3,500.  The minimum Klein configuration starts at $2,675 for 2 Seymour Duncan pickups.  Change them to 3 Bartolini's and add the gain controls, maybe extra $450.  $145 for the custom finish, $215 for the gig bag, adds up to $3,500.

Big question: how does it play and sound?

Conclusion: I am making this my main axe at home as it has 2 advantages over my Steinberger GM7TA:
1. The neck is wood and it feels warm after some playing.  Better than the Steinberger graphite neck which is always cold to the touch.
2. The neck access is superior when played seating down.