CORT PERFORMER BASS - sold on eBay June 2006

The Cort Performer Series 4-strings Headless Bass Guitar features:
    •     All wood neck-through boat-oar style body.
    •     24 frets neck with headpiece.
    •     Steinberger Licensed Bridge.
    •     Powersound P+J pickups at neck and bridge, passive, battery not required.
    •     1 volume pot for the neck pickup, 1 volume pot for the bridge pickup, 1 tone pot.
The Cort Performer Series bass is more recent than the ones which simply says Cort. You can tell from the logo as well as the headpiece which is more streamlined and looks much better than the older Corts with a curved head.

This bass is light and easy to play, but I cannot stand the buzz from the single coil pickups. Having been used to totally quiet EMG pickups, even a light buzz puts me off.