Cort Space - sold on eBay 1999-Jun

Solid maple neck through body design (not plywood!), EMG-58 neck pickup & EMG-81 bridge pickup (real special because the new Cort Space comes with EMG-Select pickups only), fixed Steinberger tuner (another special - most Steinberger guitar tuners are tremoloes), Korean made, age unsure. Has a pan pot instead of pickup selector toggle. Has a detachable hook for hanging up the guitar! The pickups here really scream, about twice as loud as the EMG Select's. With a little bit of sanding down, the battery compartment can hold two 9V batteries so you can wire them up to send 18V to the pickups. See my article on
how to wire two 9V batteries to get 18V

CortSpace - sold on eBay 1999-Jun