Home-built eBay Special Bass - sold on eBay 1999-Nov

After taking the neck and bridge from the Cort bass mentioned above, I got a body with a pickguard and pickups sitting around in my basement looking real dejected. Not wanting to leave it to waste, I got parts from eBay to complete a bass guitar: a Kramer Kustom IV bass neck with nice diamond shaped inlays, a Badass bridge, a pearloid pickguard to replace the plain white one, and DiMarzio pickups to replace the unknown pickups. The original paint was a white and blue pattern which looked very plain, so I deployed one of my marbleizing kits on it: blackonyx. Let me tell you one thing: stripping high gloss paint work from a guitar is no easy job! I tried 3 famous paint removers and the baked enamel resisted chemical stripping perfectly! Only the white part turned yellowish. I had to use a scraper to get the paint off, then I found out why some guitars cost so cheap: the body is made of 18-layers plywood! Now I know why ads for the cheaper guitars never mention what wood the body is made of. Anyway, the marbleizing worked well and I now have a nice home-built bass that looks and plays real cool. I call this my eBay Special because it is made from parts bought over eBay.

Home-builteBay special Bass - sold on eBay 1999-Nov