Hohner B2AFL - Steinberger style unlined fretlessbass - Sold 2000-Jan

I have never played fretless before, so I bought this bass to try my hand at fretless playing. Brand is Hohner, but I've been told by quite a few that these are actually made in the "Cort" factory in Korea where Steinberger Spirits are made. Maple neck-through design, graphite fretless fingerboard, serial no. 8852363, date of make unknown, two EMG Select pick-ups, active preamp with treble and bass boosters, steinberger licensed tuner. Without a battery, only the 2 volume controls work, sounds okay, nothing spectacular. With a battery, the preamp can be turned on with the toggle switch and the tone controls would come alive, sounds much much better! The preamp does wonders in the bottom range, you can feel the BOOM! When I first played on it, it was pretty easy to play in tune, but I could not get that special fretless "boing" sound. Since the only stupid question is the one not asked, I askedmy bass player colleagues. They showed me how to get that sound with a slight and quick movement of the fretting fingers - slide up (in pitch) just a little bit and then back down. Yep, I get that "boing"!

HohnerB2AFL - Sold 2000-Jan